What to Expect

How to prepare for your first Contour Light® session

Keep in mind before your session

Please wear undergarment

Our Contour Light® sessions will require you to remove your clothes

Avoid creams and lotions

Applying creams or lotions before your session will block the light.

Stay hydrated

Drink half your body weight in ounces on the day before and the day of your appointment.

Eat healthy

Make sure you keep a low-carb diet on the day of your appointment. Avoid carbs, sugar, alcohol, and complex carbs

What to expect from your first Contour Light® session?

Our skin tightening package involving the Contour Light® machine is more than just a single-session matter. Take a look at what a Contour Light® session looks like:

    1. You are greeted and welcomed to our wellness center.
    2. We talk a little bit about you, your habits, and your diet.
    3. We talk about your expectations and weight loss goals.
    4. We take the first measurement.
    5. You will take a nap and enjoy the Contour Light® experience.(Optional: You can also enjoy our full face shield experience to target the face, chin, and neck)
    6. We place you on the vibration plate to allow for the liquified fat to be eliminated by the lymphatic system.
    7. We take your measurements again so that you can see the amazing results.
    8. We put together a custom plan with simple but powerful tips on how to achieve your weight loss and health goals.
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    Pay only $99 for the first session consisting of consult, measurements, and treatment with add-ons including the face mask and vibration.*

    *First-time customers only.