About Us

Saha Integrative Wellness and Weight Loss 48 Stiles Rd, Suite 104, Salem, NH 03079

Our mission and vision

The root word Sa-Ha means Health, Wellness, and Soundness of Body. It implies being restored to health from disease, free from blemish or negative energy metaphorically, where the whole self resonates with a state of being sound, true, just, real, substantial, and proper. 

We are health educators, traditional/natural medicine practitioners, and clinical herbalists.

We believe in identifying the root cause of disease and addressing the whole self (Mind, Body, and Soul), where food and lifestyle choices can facilitate healing and restore us to a state of wellness. 

Personalized services for everyone

When you walk into our office, you will always be greeted with a smile. Our proven healthy weight loss treatments allow us to empower every single one of our clients to better themselves. We not only show you how to lose weight in a healthy manner, but how to keep it off.

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A business you can trust

We center our business around helping you feel better by creating a healthier lifestyle that fits you. Our clients know they are getting a customized plan that syncs with their needs and goals.

The best part is that your plan is easily sustainable once you reach your goals. You will learn an improved way of living that results in a healthier you and a better quality of life.

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Pay only $99 for the first session consisting of consult, measurements, and treatment with add-ons including the face mask and vibration.*

*First-time customers only.