Contour Light®

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Lose inches from the first session with Contour Light®

Discover the benefits of red light therapy

The Contour Light® machine uses infrared technology to reduce your fat cells. This is accomplished exposing your tissue to 880nm infrared lights, together with a reflective surface that redirects light back into the tissue.

This skin tightening and inch-reducing method is safe, FDA-Cleared, and has been IRB-approved, backed up by a clinical study that showed an average loss of 2.49″ inches per session!

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Treat multiple areas at once

The Contour Light® machine not only allows you to treat multiple areas at once, but it also has additional benefits such as:

Treating Neuropathy

Skin Tightening

Reducing Wrinkles

Pain Management

Reducing Inflammation

Contour Light® and Neuropathy

Our Contour Light® treatment for weight loss in Salem, NH, doesn’t only work for weight loss purposes. It has also been tested and proven to treat Neuropathy.

How does it work? The LED lights penetrate the skin, and by doing so, they restore oxygen on a cellular level. Microcirculation around the nerve is generated, helping the nerve and regenerating fibers or creating new blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the nerves.

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Contour Light® and skin tightening

The Contour Light® LED light technology does not only contour, but it also tightens your skin! This technology has other anti-aging effects such as:

  • Reducing pore size.
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Tightening spots such as your under-eye circles.
  • Repairing sun damage on your skin.
  • It helps treat acne.

That is why we offer a face mask treatment to use while the rest of the machine works on your body!

Contour Light also Treats Pain and Anxiety

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Pay only $99 for the first session consisting of consult, measurements, and treatment with add-ons including the face mask and vibration.*

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