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Non-invasive body contouring

Contour Light® is a red light therapy machine that will help you lose inches from the first session.

  • Lose at least 2″ per session.
  • Experience lasting results.
  • Painless treatments.
  • Non-surgical procedures.

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Safe red light therapy treatment for weight loss

Contour Light® is FDA-cleared and IRB-approved. The red light therapy treatment we offer to all our clients in Salem, NH, is safe and designed to help you lose weight for good with a technology that boosts your body’s natural ability to lose weight. Our non-invasive treatments require no downtime and are designed based on your weight loss goals and your unique complexion and metabolism.

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Pay only $99 for the first session consisting of consult, measurements, and treatment with add-ons including the face mask and vibration.*

*First-time customers only.