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Lose at least 2″ in one session with red light therapy!

Red light therapy is safe and painless

Effective weight loss

Our Contour Light® weight loss service is effective and gives results from the first session.

Non-surgical procedures

The Contour Light® machine involves no surgical or invasive procedures. In fact, it’s so non-invasive that it has no downtime!

Safe methods

Contour Light® is an FDA-cleared weight loss method that has also been IRB-approved with clinical studies.

Experience painless body contouring

Contour Light® is a skin tightening machine specially designed to reduce (not destroy) fat cells in your body. Fat cell reduction is a safe weight-loss method, which is why the Contour Light® technology has been FDA-cleared.

This body sculpting technology can treat multiple areas simultaneously, and because it’s non-surgical, it also has no downtime!

If you’re looking for skin tightening and weight loss treatments in Salem and Meredith, NH, look no further than SAHA Integrative Wellness.

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Saha integrative wellness provides

Sustainable weight loss services in Salem and Meredith, NH

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Pay only $99 for the first session consisting of consult, measurements, and treatment with add-ons including the face mask and vibration.*

*First-time customers only.